A fun fast-paced electronica journey into my mind when it was feeling incredibly uplifted and happy. Enjoy.


Now Take it Harder:
Sexually fueled electronic chaos.


Kill You Filthy:
A tribute to my favorite character Gully Foyle in the Alfred Bester classic, ‘The Stars My Destination’



Where the Rain Ends:
The most personal track I have made. A random play of varied sounds that turned into exactly what it needed to be.


A Dangerous Game:
My most popular track and by far the heaviest. I wanted to see if I could make ambient metal with mixed results.


The Other Ones:
A western inspired electronica experiment.


The Shiver When She Speaks:
The first track I ever recorded that includes a rare vocal performance by me. It is light and airy and a portrayal of my musical beginnings.


Allow This to Die:
An instrumental lullaby about the rare beauty that can be found in loss.


All Hope of Letting Go
One of the first tracks I made, and the title track of any EP I release in the future. It is very soft and hopeful and reflection of how I felt while making it.